U.S. Election: Trump leads Biden in 5 “swing” states
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23 Maggio 2024

U.S. Election: Trump leads Biden in 5 “swing” states

On November 5th 2024, American people will choose their next United States President. Donald Trump will face off again Joe Biden for the White House.

di Valentina Cordero


In less than six months, American people will need to choose their next tenant of the White House. The Republican candidate, Donald Trump will face off again the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden on November 5th, 2024. Yes, again! This is the first re-match of the same opposite candidates in almost 70 years. 

Recent polls of the six swing states (or battleground states where the candidates put more energy through the campaign) show that former president Trump holds an advantage over his rival, Biden. As data has shown, Trump leads Biden among registered voters 47%-44% in Pennsylvania, 49%-39% in Georgia, 49%-42% in both Arizona and Michigan, and 50%-38% in Nevada. Biden is ahead only in the state of Wisconsin: 47%-45%. The surveys were released by Siena College, The New York Times, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Numbers remain the same, according to Fox News, even if we consider the independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental activist who initially entered the presidential race as a Democrat. 

Trump has been gaining ground especially among black and Hispanics voters, who – upset about the economy and the war in Gaza – are aiming for a change in leading the country. According to historical data, it looks like Trump performs better during economic stress with Hispanic voters, who have generally been leaned towards Democratic coalitions. 

Despite being labeled as a racist many times and an instigator of the white supremacy, the former President is getting support from about 20% of black voters, according to data. It represents a big jump from the 8% that Trump was able to get during the 2016 Election. This is a clear threat and a red flag for the Democratic party, especially if we consider that by 2022, according to the Pew research Center, the Latino population had grown to 63.6 million, compared to 50.5 million registered in 2010, having clear repercussions on political parties and the economy.

In addition, with an inflation that remains a big issue, and a declining in consumer spending power, the economy is what is dragging down the current President. American billionaire investor and philanthropist Stanley Druckenmiller, during an appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box on May 7th, 2024, gave Biden’s economy an F and called the Bidenomics a total failure underlining that Americans are getting seriously hurt due to the inflation. 

“Bidenomics, if I was a professor, I’d give him an F,” he said during the program. “Treasury (department) is still acting like we are in the depression. They have spent and spent and spent, and my new fear now is that spending and the resulting interest rate on the debt that’s been created are going to crowd out some of the innovation that otherwise would have taken place.”

“With Trump I am worried about inflation,” he added. “With Biden I am worried about stagflation.”