Interview to Hilary Maiberger: “You never stop learning, even on Broadway”

Interview to Hilary Maiberger: “You never stop learning, even on Broadway”

Hilary Maiber is Belle in Disney's The Beauty and The Beast
Hilary Maiber is Belle in Disney’s The Beauty and The Beast

Directly from Disney’s “The Beauty And The Beast”, we have the pleasure of interviewing the protagonist in the role of Belle Hilary Maiberger. During the stage of Singapore’s toured the world responded to our questions. In the interview he tells us the path that brought her on stage and how to live the experience in one of the most acclaimed successes around the world: “The Beauty And The Beast”

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Hello Hilary!

Before starting to talk about your career and the role of Belle, I read that you have never studied musical theater, what were your studies to become a performer?

That is correct! I studied general music in my undergrad and vocal performance/opera for my masters degree. These degrees focused on being a well rounded musician and a top notch vocalist. I loved it!

What do you remember of your first time on stage?

I was a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz and I remember being excited!!! I couldn’t wait to get on that stage 🙂

You played roles in many productions of musicals and also in many Operas, how much did you have to work on your career before you get to this success?

I am still working on my craft. Although beauty and the beast is an amazing opportunity I am always working to be better for the next possible opportunity. The work never ends 🙂

Among your roles you count also Jasmine and Cinderella, do not begin to feel a bit ‘Disney?

I have been told I have a Disney face! I love being a part of any Disney production. The stories and the roles are truly amazing, extremely touching and timeless.

in The Beauty and The Beast, you are Belle for about three years and the company had recently celebrated the show number 700, it is always the same emotion or something changes with time passing?

There are always little differences here and there because we are all growing with the role and discovering new things. This is why it never gets old. Because it’s live theatre it’s always evolving.

Your Belle is different, how you worked on the character to make it original than the other performers? It ‘a role which I know is a dream of yours as a child!”

I believe I bring myself into the character which makes it unique and original because there’s no other Hilary Maiberger. I do stay true the iconic heroine that everyone knows and loves from the film but I make sure I keep her real and grounded by staying true to who i am.

What does it mean to be part of a Broadway production?
It’s amazing and I am incredibly grateful to be apart of this magical production. It’s truly a dream come true.

After this experience there is some other “character” you are badly dreaming to play?

I would love to play Christine daae from Phantom of the Opera.

You visited Trieste and then Milan, you found good in Italy and with his audience?”

The audiences where fantastic and seemed to really enjoy the show!

This show takes you around the world, live the good life as a touring or feel very homesick?”

It’s an amazing opportunity to travel the world but I do have moments of being homesick. Especially during the holiday season.

In Italy (and I think a bit ‘all over the world) young people see in Broadway and in American productions as something “impossible to achieve”, what do advice to kids who dream of New York from abroad?

Be confident with who you are and always stay true to yourself. Your uniqueness is what makes you special 🙂 and have fun!!!

Interview by: Marco Rimmaudo
English version by: Manuel Giannantonio
April 9th 2015

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